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Chapter 1

When You Are Asleep

SUMMARY The people you want to meet are only found in dreams. Cen Lin, who was plagued by nightmares, met the mysterious "him" in a dream by chance and started a wonderful journey of dream exploration. However, the person in the dream only exists in the dream, and after waking up, Cen Lin can't help but fall into confusion... Artist : 庄宁

Shining Summer

SUMMARY After parting ways nine years ago, Youngmin and his first love, Jihoon, have been reunited in the same homeroom class. There’s just one problem… that’s not really Jihoon. When the boys were young, a traumatic car accident landed Jihoon with an entirely new soul! To avoid suspicion, the fake Jihoon enlists his old friend’s help in fooling the rest of the world about his identity. This arrogant new guy is nothing like the old sweet, polite Jihoon… so why is Youngmin still getting butterflies? Artist : Socrates
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