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From Morning to Night

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About "From Morning to Night" Webtoon

Having lost his parents at a young age, twelve-year-old Mane fills the role of protector for his younger sibling Nox. When their hometown of Night relocates all the townspeople to build a temple for its goddess Obscurity, Mane and Nox start a new life in the neighboring town of Morning. Trouble awaits them as Nox vanishes as if by magic. Devastated and distrustful of others, Mane turns to Morning’s goddess Lumiere for help. Told that he must vanquish Obscurity to save his kidnapped sibling, Mane is given the body of a grown man and sent on a perilous journey. Though still a young boy inside, he must find allies while uncovering dark secrets about mortals and immortals alike. Will Mane be able to tell friend from foe and save his sibling in a world where nothing is as it seems?

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