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The Secret of the Friendly Duke


About "The Secret of the Friendly Duke" Webtoon

You are reading The Secret of the Friendly Duke manga, one of the most popular manga covering in Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Manhwa, Romance, Shoujo genres at, a top manga site to offering for read manga online free. Lets enjoy.
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Reading Manhwa The Secret of the Friendly Duke at Manhwa Website. Noelle Miceria is the bastard daughter of a noble family and suffers abuse by everyone in the house. One day, Noelle overhears her father's terrible plan. That night she asked the help of her friend Zion who came to visit the family. When she came to my senses, the people who bullied her had been killed. The culprit was Zion, turns out that he knew how to wield magic. "What do you think, Noelle?" Zion offers Noelle a life-changing offer to work for him. From that day on, Noelle started to live in Zion's mansion and work as his assistant Dear friend, Duke, and wizard, these are all Zion titles but does Noelle really knows Zion? The original romance fantasy you've never seen before! 다정한 공작님의 비밀 Follow TopManhwa if you want to Read manhwa  for the latest chapters. Because This Top Manhwa is translated from manhwa web series FREE same day they come out. So Manhwa Reader can find and request your manhwa reading you like at manhwa top…

Chapter Release Date
Chapter 22 November 14, 2022
Chapter 21 November 7, 2022
Chapter 20 November 7, 2022
Chapter 19 November 7, 2022
Chapter 18 November 7, 2022
Chapter 17 November 7, 2022
Chapter 16 November 7, 2022
Chapter 15 November 7, 2022
Chapter 14 November 7, 2022
Chapter 13 November 7, 2022
Chapter 12 May 15, 2021
Chapter 11 May 15, 2021
Chapter 10 May 15, 2021
Chapter 9 May 15, 2021
Chapter 8 May 15, 2021
Chapter 7 May 15, 2021
Chapter 6 May 15, 2021
Chapter 5 May 15, 2021
Chapter 4 March 19, 2021
Chapter 25
Chapter 28
Chapter 3 March 13, 2021
Chapter 24
Chapter 27
Chapter 2 March 1, 2021
Chapter 23
Chapter 26
Chapter 29
Chapter 1 February 20, 2021
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