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Teach The Devil Husband

About "Teach The Devil Husband" Webtoon

Teach The Devil Husband Running home on a rainy night, Xiao Fu stumbles upon a a large injured black dog. Feeling pity for the animal, she takes it home to tend to its needs. In the dead of night, the dog transforms into an adult man with an irresistible urge to quell his canine instinct. Drawn to the woman's scent, he seizes the opportunity, unaware that their fates have now intertwined. Two years have now past after the incident and Xiao Fu is a medicine student, hoping to become a nurse. One day when she takes a ride from a handsome stranger, she finds herself whisked away to the property of the infamous Feng family. When she comes in contact with a familiar face she met two years ago, Xiao Fu learns she has to keep certain secrets about the Feng family and be their tool, or else face dire consequences.

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