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My Lord of the Sea, Please Do Your Work!

About "My Lord of the Sea, Please Do Your Work!" Webtoon

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My Lord of the Sea, Please Do Your Work! is a Manga/Manhwa/Manhua in (English/Raw) language, Action series is written by 牛奶方便面 This Comic is About The Lord of The Sea — riding above the waves, calling upon the life of the seven seas, and even the beasts of the abyss listens to thy callings. As the acting Lord of the Lord of the Sea and possessing godly powers, I, Hai Ming, have to infiltrate the Magic Academy while pretending to be a normal student and doing ‘espionage’ work?? How low! But to save the world of magic, we have to battle against the evil demons! And I can only work hard! My Lord of the Sea, please do your work!

Chapter Release Date
Chapter 16 December 12, 2021
Chapter 15 December 4, 2021
Chapter 14 November 9, 2021
Chapter 13 October 19, 2021
Chapter 12 October 19, 2021
Chapter 11 October 5, 2021
Chapter 10 September 27, 2021
Chapter 9 September 25, 2021
Chapter 8 September 16, 2021
Chapter 7 September 8, 2021
Chapter 6 August 31, 2021
Chapter 5 August 25, 2021
Chapter 4 August 25, 2021
Chapter 3 August 25, 2021
Chapter 2 August 11, 2021
Chapter 1 August 11, 2021
Chapter 0 August 11, 2021
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