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It Takes A Wizard


About "It Takes A Wizard" Webtoon

To Catch A Wizard! No outsider has set foot on the island of Manhattan for the past three years, and with good reason. It's become a place of wild dark magic, where technology and the laws of science do not work. The Manhattan Kingdom is ruled by a sorcerer known as Everett Winterthorn, the Midnight King, who commands an army of trolls, goblins, ghouls and harpies. On the other side of the river, the US military holds the dark forces at bay. But just barely. Isaac Silverberg is Winterthorn's former apprentice, plucked from Death Row and given a final chance to redeem himself. He must enter the Manhattan Kingdom and rescue a damsel in distress in exchange for his life. But is he truly the mage for the job?</p>

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TPB (Part 5) TPB (Part 5)
TPB (Part 4) TPB (Part 4)
TPB (Part 3) TPB (Part 3)
TPB (Part 2) TPB (Part 2)
TPB (Part 1) TPB (Part 1)



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