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SUMMARY Read manhwa The Fairy Princess Has Decided to Take Revenge / 妖精姫が復讐を決めたわけ Due to her strong magical powers, Maria, the daughter of a duke who grew up coldly oppressed by her family, believed that she could be happy with her kind fiancée. However, when he witnessed his fiancée cheating on him, his magical powers went out of control, and he was executed for attempted assassination of the royal family. Maria's soul, which has been tattered by betrayal and repeated torture, is reborn as Mariabelle, a member of the neighboring country's royal family. "I hope you will be happy in your next life. Mariabell will grow up with the love of the fairies and her family. Mariabell was happy and content with her peaceful days, but one day, the fairies disappeared. It is said that it is related to Mariabel's previous life. There was a reason why the little fairy chose the soul of Maria, who was hurt by her betrayal, and reborn as a member of the royal family of the neighbori Artist : SORAJIMA Studio
SUMMARY Read manhwa Misfortune at Work , It's Just Business, Неудача босса, 상사불상사 Absolute obedience to the word of the boss!This is what Ha Eun-ho, a fifth-year Korean worker believes wholeheartedly.’As long as I have a solid career, I don’t need a relationship.’But what’s in store for her as a new recruit? What happens when an old flame starts flirting with her again? What will she do?A sweet office romance comedy! Artist : Gong Sa
SUMMARY Living as the Enemy Prince - Reborn as the Enemy Prince Imagine being kin to your sworn enemy. Killed in battle while defending his country, Bern wakes up in the body of the enemy prince, Kalian, and vows to avenge his people. But between taming an abusive half-brother and surviving his mother's deadly web of intrigue, sweet revenge seems to slip further beyond his grasp at every turn. Artist : Updating
SUMMARY Personal Preference - Private Preference Ju Doeun learned from an early age that people are fickle. As a result, she's focused solely on things that don't change—for example, her family's world-famous luxury handbag label IJu. In order to clinch her succession of the company, she agrees to get engaged to a famous designer to bring him on board. However, when she becomes entangled with police detective Gu Seyoung, she finds herself developing real feelings for the first time. Can Doeun learn to let her personal preferences take over? Artist : Jimmy
SUMMARY The Mermaid I Loved - The Fish I Loved - My Beloved Mermaid - My Beloved Fish At the age of 12, when he experienced his first difficulty in breathing, Kai realized he was a merman from that day onward. Despite avoiding love due to the emergence of scales at the touch of a woman’s hand, Kai lives a resilient life as a self-imposed loner and he chooses to never date while facing loneliness and sadness. Suddenly, a mysterious woman named Yana appears before him! Whenever Yana is around, Kai unintentionally loses his restraint and his body responds involuntarily. But what should he do? Even when it feels suffocating, he finds himself liking her...! A breathless romance unfolds between a man who transforms into a merman with just a touch of his fingertips and a woman who wants to touch his hand. Artist : Bubal
SUMMARY Wishing For Luck - Wish You Luck Heo Yoon is an aspiring singer who has had bad luck from the day she was born, a candidate for a divine audition called ‘SHOW ME THE GRACE' named ‘Andre' enters her life?! With every touch, Andre's divine power can be felt! As Yoon falls for Andre's promise to make her live an ordinary life, She ends up signing a contract as Andre's manager for the divine audition! While living together with Andre, secrets about her own misfortunes start to unravel... Can Heo Yoon really catch both her dream and grace, like chasing after two rabbits?" Artist : Haerong
SUMMARY Steal the Child of the Terminally Ill - I'm Going to Steal the Child of the Terminally Ill Mother - Manhwa “Are you going to leave your child with a terminally ill mother?”The future that the magic mirror, a relic from my parents, showed me was horrifying. A future where I would be a terminally ill mother and my husband’s mistress would demand that I leave my child behind. We’re not even married yet, so maybe we can avoid that unhappy future. You, who resemble the cold snowy fields of the north, cannot hold me. So why are your eyes so hot as you look at me as we speak of parting?”When the old duke dies, we will part ways.””If we don’t have kids, we’ll be fine, right? So don’t even think about divorce. Just stay by my side.”I felt the warmth of your lips on mine as you carefully moved closer. But the deep kiss was just the beginning of a long night ahead. Read at kaiscans.com to support us! Artist : Lobster
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